A website is the digital doorway to your business. As the business owner, your website must convey the necessary information to the consumer as well as drive an action. These actions may include reading about your services, filling out a request for information form, or making a phone call.

As a local SEO Sacramento Company, we understand how to build websites that help you to reach your target audience, and drive these actions. The main points we consider when building good websites are:

  • How are you better than the competition?
  • Why should consumers choose your brand in the industry?
  • How can you influence the consumer’s purchase decision?
  • Is your website using the right strategies for SEO in Sacramento?


Every business organization has different goals and requirements. We customize our SEO strategies to best fit the nature of your business and bring your website to the top search engine results. Our team of SEO Sacramento experts will work closely with you to ensure that your SEO strategy aligns with your business goals, and we'll constantly monitor and adjust your plan to stay ahead of the curve.


Local SEO

Local SEO is a vital component of your SEO strategy. It helps your business appear in search results when users search for the products or services you offer along with a city name or the phrase "near me". Additionally we optimize your Google My Business profile, and build NAP citations.


Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO is the tactic for businesses operating on a large-scale and targeting a vast audience. It focuses on your business goals and builds a unique position for your website within Google search. This strategy allows you to be visible to buyers at every stage of the buying process.


SEO for Multiple Locations

Our SEO Sacramento professionals implement proven SEO strategies to help you reach out to the target audience in multiple locations. Velocity Media Lab follows a data-driven approach that delivers real results and ROI. We bring more traffic to your website, driving more leads, higher profits, and revenue.


Visibility on the search engines is crucial for any business. The higher you rank on the search engines increases your visibility and website traffic. The main goal should be to reach page 1 as it drives the majority of the search engine traffic. Velocity Media Lab makes this a priority as a local SEO Sacramento Agency.


Know More About the Business

We start by gathering information about your business goals and objectives. We identify your desired target audience, their interests, and behavior, followed by an analysis of the competition and their market position. Our team picks out the relevant keywords, market trends, and the kind of content the potential customer would like to read. We formulate strategies and tactics to create a strong foundation.


Determining the Strategy

Now, with the information collected in the first two steps, we are all set to develop a customized action plan. The action plan we prepare includes all the essential parameters like meta tags, user intent, backlinks, keywords, content, product images, social media, and more. The methods of reporting and analysis are also shared to improve overall performance.


Tracking and Improving

Google search engine rankings aren’t in our control. However, we specialize in its algorithms, concentrate on the guidelines and techniques, and take action on the strategy. As your SEO Sacramento agency, we track website performance and modify the SEO approach wherever needed to increase traffic and generate results.



In the next step, we complete an audit of the technical aspect and content. A technical audit evaluates every element of the website that can affect SEO performance. A content audit focuses on any portions of the website that should be re-written, deleted, or repurposed for better results. The objective of audits is to identify loopholes that need fixing for better ranking in organic search.



We start the execution of our plan by editing the technical components of the website. These include bounce rate, internal links, HTTPS, site/page speed, broken links, redirects, crawl errors, etc. The content team updates the existing content and writes new content that is engaging and shareable.



On-page Audit

We perform a full-cycle SEO health audit to identify the factors affecting your website’s search engine rankings.


Local SEO Report

Our Sacramento SEO expert prepares a holistic report after researching keywords, analyzing backlinks, tracking daily search rankings, and checking SEO health.


SEO is complicated and involves many different elements; however, SEO is crucial for every business. As a reliable local SEO Sacramento agency, we can help a business build brand awareness, drive tangible results, and increase overall benefits. Some additional reasons why hiring an agency for SEO services in Sacramento are:

  1. Visibility and Rankings

The primary function and benefit of SEO are increasing visibility. A higher ranking on the search engine results page allows your consumers to find what your products or services easier. The higher your business ranks, the more website clicks you will receive. A good SEO agency in Sacramento will target high quality keywords and strive to get to page 1 because more than 1/2 the internet users do not go past page 1.

  1. Web Traffic

Another main goal of SEO is to increase your website traffic. As you increase your ranking on the search engine, your website traffic will also increase. When evaluating a recognized SEO Sacramento agency, ensure they target page 1 of the search engines.

  1. Authority

Authority didn't use to be as important to SEO as today. Now authority is becoming increasingly important as search engines and web users pay attention to the authority of a brand. Authority refers to the quality, relevance and trust worthiness of your website. Velocity Media Lab uses SEO tactics that make sure to increase the authority of your website.


Selecting the right local SEO Sacramento agency can be a difficult decision. Velocity Media Lab has extensive experience helping many businesses see great results by utilizing best SEO practices. Do not delay this decision any longer. Increase your ranking and website traffic today. Hire Velocity Media Lab as your local SEO agency now.


Search Engine Optimization is crucial to the success of any organization. It is the organic approach to drive traffic to your website. With our SEO strategies, you can improve your ranking in search results. We prepare a full SEO keyword rankings report, a report for link building, and information on indexed pages. We believe in a customer-focused approach to increase the flow of traffic on your website and increase your sales. We at Velocity Media Lab are SEO Sacramento experts and would love to see your business thriving and performing at its best.

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